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For women, it may come as a surprise that curves are less important than weight in the eye of male.

Traditionally, the most attractive body shape for a woman – as decided by her male admirers – has been said to be determined by the ratio of her hip-to-waist size.

A ratio of 0.7 – a curvaceous body in which the waist measurement is 30 per cent less than the hip measurement – was thought to be the ideal, since it represents a fat distribution that leads to maximum fertility.

But the study shows that those with a body-mass index (BMI), a measurement of fat/thinness that combines weight and height, of 18 to 20 were judged the most attractive. This is thinner than the average woman whose BMI ranges from 20 to 25, but markedly plumper than the seriously underweight and anorexic who were judged as unattractive as the obese.

Body mass index turned out to be far more significant than waist-hip ratio in determining the men’s choices – redefining the ideal of sexual attractiveness.

Then How to Calculate Calculate your BMI ?

The formula: BMI = mass (kg) / height2 (m)

Body Mass Index Categories

Technically, the BMI scale will place you in one of six categories. The table below lists the BMI categories along with the BMI score associated with each category.

Classification Body Mass Index Score
Underweight less than 18.5
Normal Weight 18.5 – 24.9
Overweight 25 – 29.9
Obesity (Class 1) 30 – 34.9
Obesity (Class 2) 35 – 39.9
Extreme Obesity (Class 3) 40+

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